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Our English language courses range from Beginners' level through Elementary and Intermediate to Advanced level.

General English Courses

Examination Preparation Courses

English for Special Purposes Courses


Group Courses:

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General English Courses:

These courses are designed for the student who has a limited time in which to achieve a desired level of English. The general course covers topics relevant to everyday living and working. It includes an introduction to the history, culture and literature of Ireland.


Examination Preparation Courses:

These prepare students for the various University of Cambridge Examinations and for Tourism Examinations. Availability of Group Courses depends on demand.

English for Special Purposes Courses:

One-to-One and Small Group Courses. Specific courses are available for those involved in particular aspects of business: Legal, Commercial, Engineering and Medicine. Courses are provided to suit the needs and timescale of the student.


After Course Support Service:

Our unique after course support service provides the student with access via email/telephone to our course tutors for up to 30 days. We will clarify points covered on the course and correct texts (maximum total 10 pages of text) during this period. This service is available to those students who spend four weeks studying any of the intensive courses at The Dundalk School of English.


Business Courses:

We can organize Business/Computer training courses with local course providers where required.

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Be Confident speaking English in Business


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